sail·ing (sā′lĭng), n. – The fine art of getting wet and becoming ill while slowly going nowhere at great expense!


My name is Jonna, I am 29 years old and traveling together with my dog Donna, a six-year-old Boston Terrier. Aiming to discover new places and meet great people along the way. To make new friends and to inspire others to take chances and follow their dreams.

The sustainable impact which I have during my travels matters a lot to me. And traveling by sailboat, I feel that I have the chance to move in a uniquely sustainable way. Producing my own solar energy and drinking water, my aim is to create a most independent journey and less of a carbon footprint. Organising beach cleans and having a strict waste policy onboard – to help keep our oceans clean. Tangaroa does, of course, have an engine, but I try to go by sail as much as I can – even if this may sometimes take a little longer.

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Tangaroa in the middle of a flat sea