Part of my journey is based on me wanting to inspire people. To encourage others to follow their dreams. There are many different ways to join us on this unique adventure – whether you come onboard or become part of our ashore crew – and most of them won’t cost you a thing!


A great way to support us and keep up to date with our journey is to follow, like, share and comment on our content on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Social Media has become a powerful tool to connect like-minded people. So please go ahead and connect with us!

It’s a straightforward and effortless way, yet it helps us a lot. Why is this so important? Like this, you can help us to reach new people and continue to grow, inspire and connect with more awesome humans like yourself! Come to say “Hello” and feel free to ask any question or even tell us about your own story. We can’t wait to hear from you!

After starting with the primary focus on Instagram and Facebook, I will now begin to move over to producing YouTube videos and writing on my own blog. Stay tuned!






If you like to send some dog treats to Donna or maybe help buy a new tool for me, or some charts for our next passage, you can do so with either a one-time contribution using PayPal or also re-occurring donations using Patreon. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Even small grants help us go a long way onboard Tangaroa.

The below PayPal-Link lets you donate an amount of your choice. No long-term commitment; simple, quick and clean.

If you’d like to go more steady – Patreon is the one for you! It’s a fantastic platform that allows you to support the creators you care about. Set up a risk-free, monthly maximum and always stay within that. In return for their donations, Patrons also receive a ton of benefits as thanks for their awesome support. Maybe even get invited onboard Tangaroa?


Collaborations are a great way to share the love. Do you own or work at a business that you feel would match Tangaroa’s footprint well? We are always looking for like-minded companies to partner with! That could be anything from renewable energies, sustainable solutions, sailing equipment or off-grid living gear. Drop us a message, and together we can make great things happen!


Another great way to send some love our way is to use one of the below links for your next purchase at Amazon. It doesn’t matter what you will buy, whether it’s something for your boat or your next vacation. For any purchase made using the link below, Amazon will credit me a few cents, this can then be deducted from my next purchase, so this will actively support us onboard Tangaroa. Your prices on Amazon still stay the same. The commission is charged to Amazon only and does not make a difference to your purchase. You can best bookmark the link so you can easily use it at every future purchase.

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Tangaroa in the middle of a flat sea