Someone once said; ‘You’d be surprised how much you can have in common with someone completely different from you.‘ – This expression does fit the crew of TANGAROA well.

Jonna has always been drawn to the ocean – keeping her mother challenged on every vacation they had together when she was a child – and has been dreaming of a life offshore for years.

Her love for the sea goes beyond the ordinary. Firstly, there are sharks. A scary creature for most, but for Jonna one of the most fascinating animals – misunderstood and in need of protection. Secondly, there is diving. Scuba diving for years, she has only discovered the art of apnea (free-diving) recently. Still a novice, she can’t wait to continue exploring the underwater world without an oxygen tank.

She’s spent years working in the Yachting Industry, and ever since crewing on a private sailboat in the Caribbean for two months at the beginning of 2011, her understanding of sailing and living has become one. And her dream of one day sailing around the world on her very own boat was born.

Being new to sailing, Donna has still proven to have the strongest sea-legs onboard. Always keeping a proper lookout, while others are busy calling for Herbert. And in general, who would be the captain of any ship, if not the one with the most storage space onboard. And no doubt with nearly 100kg of dog food stored away, that’s Donna onboard Tangaroa!

She is always ready to explore new destinations and meet new friends. And particularly she loves to find green parks or empty beaches to play frisbee on. She probably makes for one of the most talented players in her size class worldwide.

Donna also likes to go swimming, even if she hasn’t yet fully understood on why all this water outside her new house tastes so much saltier than the water of the river running past her old home. Something that she needs to follow up on investigating.


Born in Berlin, DE in 1989

Speaks German, English, Spanish & Danish

So far Sailing Highlight San Blas, Panama

Dream Destination Pacific Ocean

Motto A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

Passionate about Photography & Clean Oceans


Born in Copenhagen, DK in 2012

Speaks Treat-Treat-Treat

So far Sailing Highlight Bird-Visits

Dream Destination Where frisbees come from

Motto Never trust a sleeping dog.

Passionate about Eat, Play, Sleep, Repeat.

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Tangaroa in the middle of a flat sea